The Macro App

The things you need,
without the clutter.

Macro is designed to only include the things you care to keep track of. Not all of nutrition has to be managing every little thing you take in, but everything you eat has the 3 macronutrients. These nutrients are in everything you ingest and Macro keeps it easy.

Support you can count on.

This application was primarily built for us. We wanted a way to keep our nutrient calculations quick, simple and easy to use. We wanted more control and Macro aims to solve that problem. With that being said, we want to keep improving it and encourage your feedback. Immediately after launch, work began on improving the application. Soon, you'll be able to review previous days and you'll have a way to visually see the percentages for your daily macronutrients.

Designed to not be a burden.

Sometimes we don't have time to search for our right food. With Macro we can open the application, tap or hold the appropriate button and adjust our nutrients. Hold to increment quickly by 5 or tap to increment 1 at a time. Either way, Macro aims to make tracking your macronutrients quick and less of a burden. Which means you're less likely to forget it.

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